Dear all,

We are sure that you have put us in your mind when considering to buy a replica bag. That is why we THANK YOU for coming into our website again…

And in this early September, we are happy to inform that our fabulous August 2011 collection are still available to purchase (and yes some are sold out but we still carry on doing the restock, just let me know your interest). The best selling Chanel GST and Jimmy Choo latest model are still available (luckily). The Chanel GST is always a glamour style and we continue seeing more and more actress bringing that bag everywhere. It is FABULOUS, indeed…

Currently, we are still working on in giving you all the information of bag collections in September 2011. But, the online process is a bit difficult for us. Sorry for being late in giving you the latest info in this first week in September 2011 since the internet connection is doing absolutely bad. Things are even worse when our computer data was hacked in the end of last August 2011, and so we are starting a new established internet connection to avoid data lost like that again.

As always, when things get worse at the least expected, never stop hoping and trying. Hopefully the new upcoming internet provider suits us better and better.

We promise to be back as soon as possible, bringing you all the fabulous looks into your eyes!

w/ Best regards,